Vesica Piscis

This symbol means a lot to me personally, I often visit my mother who lives close to Glastonbury Tor, I always take time to visit the Chalice Well Garden a place of great peace and harmony, in this garden I had a wonderful healing experience , the symbol is used to form the covering of the Well and I wear it as a ring to remind me of this very special place and my mother.


Cranio Sacral Therapy for children
As more and more parents with their children are finding their way to my practice I have recently attended a more advanced course of pediatrie within the Cranio discipline at the Upledger Institute in Holland.
I was very inspired and it brought me more up to date with new discoveries.
The subtle nature of the Cranial work can bring great results and it is often very touching to see the depth of relaxation children can experience during and after having sessions.
I have a lot of personal experience as I am a mother and a grandmother.

For more information please contact me.

New practice space in the Herengracht.
I am very happy to announce that from August 2005 I will be able to treat more clients as I have a new practice room in the Herengracht.
I am still at number 607 Herengracht but have moved to my own space which gives me more time to see new clients.

I will also be organising workshops and as soon as dates are confirmed will let you know.

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Aurora Health centre
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