Cranio Sacraal therapie, Persoonlijke begeleiding, Feng Shui, ademtherapie voor kinderen, volwassenen en ouderen


To introduce myself
My name is Angela Renner, I was born in England in 1945. the large industrial city where I lived as a child was surrounded by beautiful countryside, it was here that I played and learnt to love the unspoilt nature. This deep love has stayed with me through my life and the longing for the unspoilt nature inside is very important. This led me to come in contact with therapy groups and eventually to become a therapist myself, so that I can share what I have found out and support others in their own search. The start of my therapy journey began with becoming a Co-Counselling teacher 20 years ago.

Cranio Sacral
Severe back trouble brought me to the UpledgerInstitute in the Netherlands which was a real eye-opener and helped me discover a lot more about myself, both physically and emotionally.

Breath therapy
Breathing is one of the most essential rhythms in our lives and breath therapy teaches you to become more aware of your breathing patterns and as a result helps you to be more relaxed and sensitive to your body.My training in breath therapy encompassed work with birth traumas, regression and Rebirthing.


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