Breath therapy

Breath therapy
We breathe the whole day mostly without being aware of what we are doing, and yet this normal necessary activity is the source of much of our inner power and strength. Learning how to breath better gives you the possibility to meet and understand this hidden power plus it can also help you to access your feelings and release tensions. We begin with simple exercises to help you learn more about the breath, and to see what can cause you to breath inadequatly.

Breathing consciously
The process of breathing can be affected in different ways, for example:

Fear can cause you to hold your breath, tension can result in quick shallow breathing , which can lead to hyperventilation.
Stress or traumatic events can have such an effect on us that our breathing eventually becomes very unatural, so that, what was and is so natural, becomes in itself a source of extra tension resulting in increased pain or physical tension.

In my work as a breath therapist i use techniques i have learnt from people foremost in the field of breath therapy.Leonard Orr the famous rebirtherand Dr Stansislaf Grof a foremostpioneer of regression and body movement during a breathing session [Holotropic Breathing]

During the years of working with people I have developed a gentle non-threatning breathing method which helps the client develop self awareness through their breath, enabling them to realise that breathing fully is a pleasurable experience and not something to be scared of.

Breathing fully will help you to deal with tensions and will help sufferers of asthma and people who have difficulty breathing due to lung problems.

People who suffer from Cara and Hyperventilation also experience a sense of greater exspansion and space once they see that breathing is actually simple and relaxing.

I have had many years of experience with group sessions and with individual breath sessions.

Introduction session (1 uur) €   47,50
Follow up session for 1 hour €   65,00
2 hour sessions €   120,00
5 sessions payment in advance €   295,00
(is € 59,00 per session of 1 hour)

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